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Whether you are looking to sell the catalytic converter out of your busted old Buick or want to set up a longstanding contract for unloading bulk industrial scrap, choosing the right metal recycler is an important decision. Follow these tips for choosing the best company.

Look for a Trustworthy Scrap Metal Business
If you simply follow the bottom line, you may end up in a number of traps, from bait-and-switch techniques to doctored scales. Find a business that has memberships to associations like the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), and local Chambers. And don’t be shy about asking the company for referrals.  Look for scrap metal businesses with a reputation for honesty and transparency in weights and pricing.

Find Out About Pickup Services, Sorting Services and Containers If you are someone like a contractor who will be selling copper wire on a regular basis—someone who needs to develop a continuing relationship—consider finding a scrap metal buyer that will offer free pickup, complimentary use of containers, and better pricing for bulk scrap. The extra help really adds up.

Find a Scrap Metal Recycling Company With Good Customer Service This business is plagued by a general lack of concern for courteous assistance, flexibility, and other such good customer service practices. Find a company that puts an emphasis on treating you well, working with you, and giving you a good experience. Looking into online customer reviews is one way of determining if a company will treat you well. Or give them a call and see how that goes. You can even visit the facility if you’re willing to invest some time into the decision.

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