Scrap metal is divided into ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The two forms of ferrous metal in the metal recycling industry are iron and steel. We accept a very wide variety of scrap steel materials, from light sheet steel to die casting machines. See What We Do Buy for a more complete list of items we purchase. Please note that this list is always changing, as we are constantly finding new things to recycle. If you are unsure of whether we can take something, please call us at 573-624-3113 .

Types of Steel & Iron Scrap

We buy the following types of steel and iron scrap:

Carbon Steel:
Carbon steel, also called tool steel, includes metals such as drills and hammers.

Mild Steel:
Mild steel includes items such as screws, bolts and scraps from tool and die shops.

Stainless Steel :
Stainless steel includes kitchen appliances, washers, and dryers.

Cast Iron:
Cast iron scrap comes in the form of car cylinder blocks and plumbing parts. We typically purchase cast iron from tool and die shops, demolition contractors and plumbers.

Wrought Iron
: We purchase this durable metal from fencing manufacturers and contractors, haulers and dealers. We work with a variety of service professionals, from plumbing and fencing companies to local haulers. We can drop off containers to local steel sellers, and then haul them away once the load is packed. We offer free delivery in Dexter and cheap long haul services throughout the Midwest for businesses and industry. Our scrap iron customer base is made up of tool and die shops, trailer manufacturers and other members of this sector. Much of our scrap iron comes from demolition contractors in the form of steel turnings, cast iron and sheet iron. And we buy scrap from individuals and local dealers. Scrap iron and steel prices tend to fluctuate dramatically across the world market.

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